Spain: No Penis, No Chance To Be A Solider

Aitor G.R., a transsexual, wants to join the Spanish military. He’s hoped that he will not be denied the opportunity to serve his country because he has yet to have a penis. His dreams were once again dashed when he was rejected in Cordoba.

Not having genitals is one of the illnesses that prohibits military service in Spain.

Next month he will reach the age of maximum age for entry into the Army in Spain. Spanish military age requirements at topped off at 29.

Aitor tried to join the military in 2007 and was rejected then. Aitor is waiting for that final step in the sex change process. He has already had surgery to remove his breasts.

Think reports:

Aitor appealed against the initial decision and plans to do so again, saying that he ‘feels cheated’ and doesn’t want to hear ‘promises from anyone, only deeds’. He claims he is not the only one in this position, mentioning that the ‘same thing happened to another bloke last week’.

Aitor says that his childhood dream has been to be a solider and to reach the rank of lieutenant.

Typically reports:

‘I want to be a soldier, not a porn star’, he said determined to make it clear he does not need a member to serve Spain.


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