Starbucks Is Going Instant

Starbucks is coming out with Via, an instant coffee. The coffee giant plans to announce the launch next week. It could be on sale at your local cafe as early as next month.

More information about this new product will be available after the company’s annual meeting on March 18.

I asked a local Starbucks employee in Canada about the new quickie brew and they were unaware about the product.

The instant coffee has been in the making for several years. It is designed to taste like the brew at local Starbucks.

The company hopes that Via will help change the image that Starbucks is just for people wanting to pay a ton for a latte.

This announcement comes on the heels of the $3.95 “breakfast pairings” that is hoped to give Starbucks a morning edge.

The instant packs will cost $2.95 for three quick java fixes or $9.95 for a dozen.

New York Starbucks clients will be the first to try out the instant brew in the coming weeks. More cities will follow.


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