China Plans Blacklist For Journalists By End Of The Year

According to the Huffington Post China is planning on creating a blacklist of journalists. Those journalist are the ones that break the strict Chinese rules for media.
The announcement was made last Friday according to a report in the China Press and Publishing Journal. The agency controls state-owned Chinese media and plans to have a database of media professionals who have broken the rules up within the year.

Journalists that appear on the blacklist will have their press cards taken away. They will be restricted from news reporting and editing news material.

China is well known for controlling what is reported in the media. During the summer games in Beijing some of the rules were temporarily relaxed. That policy has gone with the Olympic flame. Journalists in China are imprisoned when reporting about corruption in the private sector or in the government.

The national database is just one of the means that the government has planned to supervise news coverage according to Li Dongdong, deputy director of the General Administration of Press and Publication. There will also be tightened reviews for press credentials and standardized qualifications for editors of newspapers and magazines.

These measures will not apply to outside journalists. Chinese citizens are forbidden to work as journalist for foreign media organizations.


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