Happy Birthday Miep Gies

Miep Gies, the young woman who helped hide the Frank family in Amsterdam during WWII is turning 100. She is the one who found Anne Frank’s diary after the Nazi’s took away the family.
When Otto Frank, father of Anne, returned after the war had ended Gies handed him the diary. Anne’s diary went on to tell the world about her two years caged in the attic trying to evade the Nazis. It has been published in 55 languages selling more than 20 million copies.

At the time Miep Gies was the secretary for Otto Frank. In her early thirties she took the risk of her lifetime by helping hide the family.

She is now the only surviving member of the team that helped keep the Franks alive from 1942 until they were captured in 1944.

The Telegraph quotes her on memories of Anne:

“Anne was a lovely, lively, normal young girl. She was so full of the joy of just being alive. She looked forward to resuming her own life, going back to school, travelling abroad and becoming a writer after the war. She never doubted she and her family would survive.”

Mrs. Gies is celebrated her birthday with friends and family in Friesland.


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