Harassing Whistling Neighbour Has a New Home, Prison

A man from Wingerworth in Derbyshire is in the slammer for whistling. Every time he saw his neighbours he whistled the theme to the Addams Family. For four years every time the elderly couple encountered their neighbour they felt harassed.

Michael and Kathleen Sharpe won a nuisance behaviour case against Leopold Wrobel last December. It didn’t take Wrobel long to violate the anti-social behaviour order he was handed.

Whenever the couple arrived or left their home there was Wrobel whistling the creepy melody. The action was caught on cameras on the Sharpes’ property.

While the crime may seem silly or even trivial on an isolated incident the overwhelming behaviour was very upsetting to the couple.

The couple is quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘It’s been devastating and it’s done what he wanted to do, to try to destroy our lives,’ the 68-year-old Sharpe said. ‘He very nearly succeeded.’

His wife told magistrates they could not leave the house without Wrobel being there.

The 66-year-old added: ‘He frightens me, I’ve not been able to live a normal life. I was a prisoner in my own home.’

Wrobel denied breaching the order in court. He was found guilty though by the magistrates and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

John Warren, chairman of the magistrates’ bench is quoted at the hearing.

Passing sentence, he said: ‘You pursued a course of conduct that caused great distress to the Sharpe family and have shown no recognition of the impact on that family.’


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