Man Kidnaps Woman and Tortures Her With Bible Verses

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An Ohio man is being held on kidnapping charges. It is alleged that the man picked up a woman in Detroit on Wednesday night after she told him she had nowhere to stay. He then is accused of crossing state lines to Toledo and bringing her into his home.
Once at Troy Brisport’s home the woman, 22, told police she was held captive in handcuffs and a diaper for three days listening to Bible verses.

The woman alleges that when she fell asleep Brisport bound her wrists and ankles, gagged her, removed her clothing and put her in an adult diaper. She said that she was not sexually assaulted but instead was forced to listen to her captor read verses from the Bible.

Court documents also allege that Brisport attempted to suffocate the woman with a pillow and a blanket.

The woman escaped Saturday after Brisport, 34, fell asleep. Police found her wearing only a T-shirt, diaper and handcuffs by the wrists.

The Free Press reports:

“It’s kind of a mixed bag,” said Capt. Ray Carroll. “He takes her to his house, holds her captive, handcuffs her. We don’t know what the diapers are about. And then he’s reading the Bible to her. I don’t know. Maybe it was a saving-her kind of thing,” he said.

Brisport has been charges with felonious assault, ransom / shield hostage and kidnapping. Brisport had his first court appearance on Monday. He is being held on a $400,000 bond. The case has been continued until Wednesday in order for Brisport to obtain an attorney.

The police have said that Brisport may have committed this type of crime in the past according to the Detroit News. Captain Ray Carroll of the Toledo Police Dept. has reached out to jurisdictions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for assistance on this case.


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