Subway Service On Toronto’s Yonge Line Has New Schedule

Starting Sunday February 15 the Toronto’s TTC will close some of their subway stations 90 minutes early every day except for Saturday.
The Yonge line north of Eglinton will shut down an hour and a half early six days a week. The time is needed for workers to begin repairs to the subway tunnel. The stations will keep the new schedule until late 2010.

The need to have the tracks clear is behind the changes in schedules. The TTC web site does not list these new changes.

Buses will run between Eglinton and Finch station at the following stations:

* Eglinton Station
* Lawrence Station
* York Mills Station
* Sheppard-Yonge Station
* Finch Station.

The North York Centre Station will not be operating at all after 12:30 am.

Eglinton Station will continue to have southbound train service.

The Sheppard Subway is still operating with their old schedule.


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