Two Girls Found At Washington Barracks, One Dead, One In Hospital

Two teenage girls have been found on an Army base in Tacoma, one unconscious and one dead. The girls were found in barracks on Sunday morning. One girl was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was in stable condition at a hospital on Monday.
Neither girl had signs of physical trauma according to Fort Lewis spokesman Joe Piek. The results of an autopsy on the deceased girl may take a week for the details to be available.

The Army is investigating the matter. They are looking into if drugs or alcohol were involved. Just the girls being in the barracks at 3:30 a.m. is a breach of the barracks visitation policies. Violations where civilians are on the bases are a serious security concern. Civilians are supposed to be tracked when they enter the base and when they take leave.

The names of the girls are not being released because of their age. A fort Lewis soldier who knew the two has been questioned. No arrests have been filed at this time.

The Army waited to release information about the incident until Monday in order to notify the families of the girls. Piek also stated that the death took place on a holiday weekend.


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