UK Prisoner Keeps In Touch Through Facebook

Don’t feel sorry for prisoner for life Ashley Graham, he’s loving his home. The killer who lives at HMP Lindholme, South Yorks has been writing up his holiday like life on Facebook.
Graham was sentenced to life in prison after stabbing a man through the heart in 2001. Somehow he has been able to log onto Facebook everyday with a mobile phone that has been hidden from the guards.

He is able to use the social network site to keep in touch with friends and his wife.

The Prison Service says that their inmates are not allowed to use the web or cell phones.

HMP Lindholme offers it’s prisoners a games room, TV room with DVDs and an activities centre for computer classes.

According to The Sun a recent Facebook status for Graham was:

“HMP Holiday’s a place where men can come for a nice relaxin break from their moanin women and crying kids. No stress just rest.”


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