George Mason University Homecoming Queen Is Really A Queen

Ryan Allen is a Big Man on campus at George Mason University. He’s also the Homecoming Queen as of last week’s crowning during the half-time of the basketball game against Northeastern at the Patriot Center.

Allen beat two women who were running against him for the crown.

Ryan Allen performs at local clubs as a drag queen was named Ms. Mason in front of the sold-out crowd. The openly gay student was joined by Ricky Malebrache who was named Mr. Mason during the ceremony.

The university has a population of 30,000 students. About one third of those students are minority. The commuter school has been trying to get a better image in Fairfax County.

The student body is divided as to the crowning of a gay student. Some felt it was a cutting edge move while others thought it will be a joke to other schools of higher learning.

Allen himself entered the running as a joke. During the qualifying pageant on February 9 he lip-synced to Britney Spear’s “Womanizer”adorned in a silver bra and zebra-print pants. That competition was overseen by the current Miss Virginia 2009.

Allen has been very involved after coming out his freshman year in high school in gay rights. He had to suffer the barbs of bullies during those high school days but found a home at George Mason. He started his drag show act under the name of Reann Ballslee. Each year he has emceed a drag show for George Mason during Pride Week.

Tolerance set this young man free. As he is quoted in the Washington Post;

“When they said ‘Ms. Mason 2009 is Reann Ballslee,’ the crowd went wild,” Allen said. “It was one of the best feelings I’ve felt in a long time. I had so many friends supporting me.”


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