iPhone Apps Die A Quick Death According To Research

Do you have an iPhone? Chances are all of those apps that you just had to have are quickly gathering space and dust on your phone. Pinch Media has been collecting data from more than 30 million app downloads.
The mass majority only uses an app once after they download it. Pinch Media found that only 20 percent of users return to apps after they take the time to download it. This finding covers both free and pay for apps. By the time a new app has been on a users phone for a month only 5% bother with it. When an app hits the 3 month mark it’s in the grave.

Chief executive Greg Yardley presented the findings at the New York iPhone Developers Meetup. He stated that while paid apps do get more use initially they are downloaded much less.

This may start advertisers from questioning the value of giving away apps to iPhone customers.

Apple Insider reports:

Assuming free apps are run a dozen times by each user, and that those free apps are run about 6.6 times more often in total than paid apps, Yardley showed that “the typical application would have to bombard its users with ads to beat the money it’d make from paid sales.”


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