Obama visit to Canada costing a pretty penny

If U.S. President Barack Obama took a commercial plane to Ottawa this morning, taxpayers would shell out only about $5,000 for a round trip first class seat, compared to the $2 million it will really cost.
Of course Obama couldn’t make it on a commercial flight. Air space is being restricted to no-fly radius of 12 nautical miles around Parliament Hill, with ceiling of 12,500 feet, except police and military aircraft, scheduled commercial flights, approved emergency or humanitarian flights. For the two time periods coming and going for Obama there will be delays at the airport.

The costs for the United States President to travel add up quickly. For starters housing the team of Secret Service officers that have spent a month scouring Ottawa in preparation of the 6 hour trip happening today. For days there have been security teams and bomb-sniffing dogs checking out the route from the airport to Parliament Hill.

For Ottawa the cost of extra police being called in as far as London, Ontario will take a bite out of Maple Leaf wallets. Tours of Parliament Hill can’t make a buck today, they are all canceled.

Journalists and staff that will be at Parliament Hill today have already passed the special RCMP background checks. There will be no last minute dash for a reporter at large to cover the quick meeting.

For those along the route of the presidential convoy doors have to be closed and there will be no peeking out the window to spot which car is holding Obama.

Today’s visit in Ottawa will be exciting for sure but it sure is going to cost a pretty penny.


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