Opinion: A Mother Knows Best in Oscar Contender The Changeling

Clint Eastwood’s film “The Changeling” tells a story that proves fact is stranger and at times more horrifying than fiction. On March 10, 1928 9-year-old Walter Collins vanished.
His mother Christine’s story about her search for her son helped change the history of California.

Christine Collins, played by Angelica Jolie had the moxie to take on the corruption of the Los Angeles Police Dept. when law meant corruption. Her fight for her son and in the end for herself was a story of courage.

After waiting for the standard 24 hours the police started their search for the boy. After following up on many leads a boy claiming to be Walter was found in DeKalb, Illinois. When reunited with the boy Ms. Collins knew he was not her son. The police tried to convince her otherwise.

The Changeling tells the story of how the police department’s had the mother committed to the psychiatric ward at Los Angeles County Hospital under a “Code 12” internment and the trials of both the department and the man believed to be the murderer of Walter Collins.

Jolie gives a powerful performance as a mother fighting for her son, dead or alive, against police corruption. She is dead on, easily slipping from the face of a loving mother to a force to be reckoned with.


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