Opinion: Blood Running In The Gutter- Milk, A Film About Victory

Milk starring Sean Penn is more than just a film, it’s an education of what was and what one group of people, particularly one man, can do to accomplish the impossible. It is worthy of an Oscar nomination.
In the early 1970’s and 1980’s homosexual rights were non-existant. By using aged film and by an art feel the film feels like a documentary.

The film shows the struggle that Harvey Milk faced on his path to political victory. The loves, the challenges and in the end the victories.

The gay movement is well illustrated by Sean Penn’s portrayal of Harvey Milk. From the highs to the complete lows. He is Harvey Milk.

As his chief political opposition, Dan White played by Josh Brolin is riveting.

The break out performance though is a young Clive Jones played by Emile Hirsch. His youthful eyes brings a powerful truth to the film.

Current with today’s political struggles with Prop 8, the story of Prop 6 shows how the past is in actually the present.

While the story is about the gay rights it is really the story of every man. The struggle to overcome odds and in the end see victory.

Milk is a film that should be viewed by everyone, in part for the historical value. The greater part though is the story comes to life with brillant acting. From beginning to end it will grasp you and hold you. The ending will leave you in tears.

“I need a change.”

Milk used his last decade changing the world. That change brought true a prediction that he would not live to be 50. He wanted to give people the hope for a better tomorrow. He achieved that dream.


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