Opinion: ‘Frozen River’ The extraordinary picture of the year

The breakout picture of the year can be seen in this year’s “Frozen River.” Both Melissa Leo and Misty Upham give the performances of their lifetimes as two struggling mothers doing what they have to for their families.
Set on the Mohawk Reservation border between New York and Quebec this powerful film by Courtney Hunt tells the story of two mothers turned human smugglers.

The chance of fast money to provide a better home for her young sons proves to tempting to mother Ray Eddy. With her husband run off just a week before Christmas and a balloon payment due for a double wide Ray is at her wits end.

Enter Lila, a young mother who’s son was taken from her at birth. Lila’s worked the illegal job of smuggler in the past.

The two form a bond that transcends the bigotry that is common in this area.

The performances of all of the small cast is stellar. This low budget underdog is worth the ticket price. Leo deserves the Oscar this time around.


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