Opinion: McDonald’s Denies Benefits To Hero Employee

Heroes are few and far between. Nigel Haskett is one of those unsung heroes who intervened when a man at the McDonald’s he was working at started beating a woman inside the restaurant. In that process Haskett ended up fighting for his own life.
McDonald’s is denying his claim for workers compensation benefits.

Last August Haskett was working in an Arkansas McDonald’s when he saw the assailant, later identified as Perry Kennon battering a lady at the fast food chain. After getting Kennon to leave the store Haskett stood guard outside the door to prevent the attacker from reentry. That heroic act almost ended his life.

Kennon went to his car to get a gun. Returning to the door Kennon pumped bullets into Haskett, now 22. Those bullets were the source of three abdominal surgeries. Haskett will carry for life a piece of a bullet lodged in his back.

When the hospital bills arrived they exceeded $300,000 according to attorney Philip M. Wilson.

The legal system worked. Within days Kennon was picked up and sits in the Pulaski County Jail. He is set to go to trial later.

McDonald’s is another story. The fast food giant has refused to grant Haskett his claim with Arkansas’s Workers Compensation Commission. The company’s claims specialist for insurer, Ramsey, Krug, Farrell and Lensing, Misty Thompson issued a letter to the Commission on why they are denying the claim. The Arkansas Times reports:

“we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that Mr. Haskett’s injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment.”

The franchise owner of that McDonalds is trying to smooth things over by saying, hey this isn’t my fault. As MSNBC reports:

“We are all grateful to Nigel and that’s why it is so unfortunate that he’s having a difficult time with the insurance claim however, the fact of the matter is that I do not have control over whether my employee’s claim is paid by Worker’s Compensation. It is my understanding that there has not been a final determination by the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Commission. I am taking this very seriously, and doing what I can to help and I hope his claim will come to a quick resolution and the right thing will be done for my employee.”

Isn’t it nice to know that when a hero comes along the giants have no problem shooting them down.

The case is set to go to the court. Hopefully a judge can see to it that justice gives one to the good guy.


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