Opinion: Oscar Contender The Wrestler Falls Flat

Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei are both up for Academy Awards for “The Wrestler.” This is a movie that either grabs you or it doesn’t.
I have heard some who were got engaged with The Wrestler and others who aren’t as thrilled with the film. I am in the latter group. While there are some touching scenes the movie couldn’t grasp me as in some of the other films that are up for the Oscars.

Rourke does give a convincing performance as a has been. Has been as a father, wrestler and in life. I waited to see a redeeming point, something that would help me feel for the character. Perhaps that was the entire premise but for me it fell flat.

Tomei was convincing as a dancer but I failed to see any true chemistry in the scenes with Rourke.

There are movies though that don’t touch each person that views it. This is one of those.


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