Opinion: Politics, The Academy and A Little Guy Called Oscar

This year Slumdog Millionaire won eight of the awards including best picture. Were the awards deserved or was Hollywood shouting out a message?
Presenters this year announced Slumdog Millionaire over and over. Editing, score, song, sound mixing, cinematography, writing, directing and of choice best film each was another golden statue for the film.

Granted the awards were well deserved. Still could the global economy crisis have played into the voting? That from poverty good things can come? That the lowest of the low can be winners?

Is it too lofty an idea that by a movie that shows extreme poverty and hardship could inspire others? The movie shows after all Jamal’s intelligence wins. That the education of being poor, of not having it all was the one that made him a winner.

We’re living in a time where Slumdog Millionaire’s poverty is a reality for much of the world. We see in the news the hunger of children. We know of the crimes, the hopelessness, the cruelty. Isn’t it nice to think that someone can rise up and win from that situation?

The public is not privy to the ways different stars choose their picks. But is it not possible that when sitting in front of the screen those voters want their choices to matter? To say something. to be a ray of hope?

If that is the case, the voters did their job.


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