Opinion: ‘Rachel Getting Married’

“Rachel Getting Married” is one of this year’s sneaky films. With the feel of a home movie and hard driven plot it taps you on the shoulder with a soft staying power.
Anne Hathaway’s role as Kym, the black sheep of her family guides the film through the twists that is family.

Rachel, played by Rosemarie Dewitt, is getting married. That ceremony brings sister Kym home on a weekend pass from rehab. As with any family there is pain and love that mingles on the edges of togetherness.

Jonathan Demme’s direction provides a realistic look at one family blending together through the hardships that life brings.

While not as hard hitting as some of this year’s contenders for awards it still is able to bring something to the table. This is a film that will softly tap you on the shoulder and allow for thought of one’s own family struggles and triumphs.


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