Opinion: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Who hasn’t said that they wouldn’t like to do it all again with the knowledge of time. That theory is played out by Brad Pitt in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
The premise of a child born as an elderly man and then living his life in reverse seems implausible. Pitt’s portrayal though of Benjamin Button is right on the mark.

From the beginnings of a child trapped in an elderly man’s body to the sadness of not remembering a full life as age reverses rapidly plays true to the storyline.

As in all good stories love is a key component to Benjamin Button. Bittersweet as one ages and one goes younger love in this case does carry through from first steps to diapers.

The theme of the movie makes for a true question of one’s life. To be thankful for the way time does pass in a life is something I took away from the viewing.

Benjamin Button is set to be the darling of the Academy Awards with 13 nominations. This is a hard call for me. The acting is good and the story is promising, yet other films also have a huge potential to knock director David Fincher`s work off of the top pedestal.


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