Checking In At The Local Meth Lab Near You

The drug trade has a new location for cooking up meth. Motel and hotel rooms are a cheap alternative for on the go drug makers. They can mix up their next batch of product in just a few hours leaving behind the toxins that can harm you.

Motel rooms are considered more attractive to these drug manufacturers than their own homes. For one, the police can not seize a motel room like they can a house or trailer.

During the past five years police have found evidence of the cook set ups in 1,789 motel rooms. Considering that many of the rooms used are not discovered that number may just be a trickle in the stream.

Those hired to clean up the mess say that most of their work is being done on rooms that have been used long ago for drugs.

The toxins stick around for days if the ‘cooks’ wearing hazmat suits to protect themselves don’t clean up properly. Those clean-ups can cost up to $20,000.

The innocent motel guest can face eye and skin irritation, vomiting, rashes, asthma problems and other respiratory issues if they stay in a room that was recently used as a cook lab.

CBS News reports:

“It probably happens all the time,” said John Martyny, a National Jewish Medical and Research Center associate professor who is also an industrial hygienist and meth researcher. “The difficulty is, how do you make that attribution? You might think it is from cigarette smoking.”


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