Department of Homeland Security Keeping Close Eye On Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security is ready if the violence in Mexico spills over into the United States. As Mexico drug cartels rain terror down on that nation’s citizens the United States is keeping a close eye on border states.
If the increasing Mexican violence starts to spew out of control in the United States DHS personnel and other resources are on the ready.

In Mexico over 5,300 lives were lost in 2007 because of drug wars. The violence is being likened to Islamic terrorists with the criminals out gunning the Mexican authorities. Just last week United States citizens have been warned that a tropical vacation to Mexico is not safe. College students preparing for spring break ahve also been alerted that Mexico is under a travel advisory.

UPI reports:

The DHS plan, which “does not change or supersede any existing authorities … addresses how a number of government agencies would deploy federal resources to help state and local partners on the ground if local resources were overwhelmed,” DHS spokeswoman Amy Kudwa told United Press International. She said the agencies would include the U.S. military “as needed.”

“We have been coordinating with the Department of Defense,” she said.

If needed military troops could be called into action along the border. That action is not being called for yet nor have resources been outsourced to the border. But if the types of crimes, such as beheading and military firefights cross that thin line between nations military power will be called in.

The drug cartels are already achieving a state of terror in Mexico. Past reports tell of parents afraid to send their children to school because of the gunfights.

There are fears that the government in Mexico could collapse allowing the drug cartels even more power. If that were to take place the United States border will be heavily armed and waiting.

If the Mexican government “retreats into tacit agreements with key drug cartels to adopt a live-and-let-live attitude,” said Ray Walser of the Heritage Foundation, allowing local corruption to flourish unchallenged, “parts of Mexico could become no-go zones” for law enforcement, he said.

“The corruptive influence and increasing violence of Mexican drug cartels impedes Mexico City’s ability to govern parts of its country,” Director of National Intelligence Adm. Dennis C. Blair told the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month.


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