Palin must refund kids’ travel expenses to Alaska

Sarah Palin isn’t admitting she was wrong to take the kids with her on government trips but she will be paying back a bit for those trips. The cost out of her pocket is nearly $7,000 as Alaska looks into her expenses and if she has been abusing her power.
The Alaskan legislature has been examining Sarah Palin’s abuses of power and the cost to the taxpayers. She has now said she’ll pay back some of those costs for bringing her kids with her but she is not admitting that she did anything wrong and only followed the advice of her advisors. In fact she is saying the complaints against her are “an obvious political weapon, with an associate of a political adversary filing this and making it public — against state law — just before the election.”

The state though is saying that their governor has abused her power.

Frank Gwartney, a retired electrical power lineman from Anchorage had filed the complaint about Palin’s use of state funds covering her children’s travel expenses. reports:

“Sarah had run on this platform of ethics and cleaning up the state,” Gwartney said. “It’s fairly hypocritical. She’s just repeating the same thing everyone else has done.”

Governor Sarah Palin has agreed to reimburse Alaska $6,800 to cover the costs on nine trips that her kids took between 2007 and 2008.

She made the announcement on Tuesday that she will be settling the ethics complaint that the Personnel Board filed in October. She has agreed to pay back because she wants to let the people know that she “adheres to the highest level of ethics,” attorney Thomas Van Flien has been quoted as saying.

Palin aslo has announced that she will not be using the Chevy Suburban that the state provided any longer. She had discovered the free ride wasn’t so free after all. State officials told her on Monday that she will be paying taxes on her personal use of the car. She’s also being told to pay taxes on all that expense money she got to live in her own home in Wasilla.

The actual bill has yet to get to Palin’s desk but it is estimated just for the traveling brood to come to $6,800.

The Anchorage Daily News quotes the governor:

“This is a big state, and I am obligated to — and intend to — keep Alaskans informed and meet with them as much as I can, from Barrow to Marshall to Ketchikan,” Palin said in a written statement. “At the same time, I am blessed to have a large and loving family, and the discharge of my duties should not prevent me from spending time with them.”


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