Slumdog Millionaire Kids Leave Hollywood For the Slums

It seems that the promise of a new flat for the child stars of Slumdog Millionaire may not play out. On Wednesday Ashok Chavan denied that clearance had been given to Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail from Garib Nagar in Bandra for new housing.
This announcement closely follows the Mhada clearing a proposal for each of the actors to have a flat. The CM has been sent the file for approval.

Charvan is quoted by the Times of India:

Chavan said, “We have not allotted a flat to any of the children. The proposal is being considered.”

On Thursday the children were back in their slum homes after a week in Hollywood.

CNN quotes the mother of Azharuddin:

“It would be nice to get a proper home.” She says she has heard rumors the government may provide her family with one, but no one has confirmed any plans for a new home. “I’ve been praying for a new home for so long. It’s all up to Allah now.”


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