Bruce Willis Sued For $4 Million

Actor Bruce Willis and his production company are being sued for breach of contract. Foresight Unlimited, Signature Entertainment Group and Three Stories Productions are asking for $4 million from the actor.
The three companies claim that there was a signed deal for Willis to direct and star inThree Stories about Joan.It’s said that the actor walked off the set for personal reasons.

Willis was slated to get paid $196,404 for directing the film according to The Hindu. One of Willis’ legal representatives, Marty Singer has called the law suit absurd. He claims that the movie folded because the producers didn’t have the funds to pay their cast and crew. Singer also said that Willis will sue for the fee that the producers promised.

The case was filed Friday in L.A. Superior Court.

Willis’ attorney Henry Gradstein says that the courts will decide the the matter.

Willis has starred in the Die Hard series, Unbreakable, Pulp Fiction, 16 Blocks, The Sixth Sense and most recently What Just Happened.


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