Mother Cries As Second Son In Months Is Murdered In Palmetto, Fl.

Shoots blazed Saturday morning at a rooming house in Palmetto, Florida. In the end a 18-year-old laid dead and his mother’s cry filled the air.
Tevin Yawn was shoot multiple times after gun toting men came in the back door at the home in the 2300 block of Fifth Avenue Drive East.

He collapsed in the back yard as his mother Patrise Blue tried to get help.

A woman who was at the residence at the time of the shooting said she heard several rounds fired. The Bradenton Herald quotes her:

“The mother was yelling, ‘Somebody please call 911; Tevin’s been shot and he ain’t breathing,’ ” the woman said. “It was sad. I have an 18-year-old son, and I would die if he was shot.”

When paramedics arrived they pronounced the young man dead at the scene.

Ms. Blue’s older son Glover A. Yawn, 21, died on Christmas morning last year at the same residence. He was shot in the front yard. Glover had lived a hard life in his short time on this Earth. In November he had been released from prison for battery and selling cocaine.

Now his younger brother Tevin has come to the same fate and a mother is left to grieve two sons killed within months of each other.

The Bradenton Police say that approximately 30 shots were fired just an hour later Saturday morning in the 2100 block of 15th Street East. No one other was injured there.

Police are investigating both scenes to see if there is a connection. It is believed that Yawn’s shooting was a result of an argument at The Hall, a nightclub in Palmetto.

Yawn’s death is the seventh homicide in Manatee County this year. Three of those deaths have not had an arrest at this date.

The police are asking those with information on Yawn’s murder to contact them at:

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jeff Bliss at 747-3011 ext. 2159 or remain anonymous by calling Crimestoppers at (866) 634-TIPS (8477).


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