Ohio Police Ticket Driving Nursing Mother

Breast feeding and driving are two things that should not go together. That didn’t stop Ohio driver Genine Compton though from feeding her child while driving in Kettering.
The multi-tasking mother was not only giving her infant nourishment while driving, she was able to chat on her cell phone in the process.

After a phoned-in report about a nursing mother endangering motorists, Kettering police tracked down Compton using her license plate number.

Compton, 39, admitted to officer Michael Burke that she was breastfeeding her child while driving. She stated that she would not let her baby go hungry.

Burke ticketed the mother, not for nursing but for having the child in her lap while she was driving. The official charge was child endangerment.

Compton faces up to 180 days in jail and a fine of $1,800 if she is convicted of the misdemeanor.


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