Spokane, Washington Man Gets $81 Billion Gas Bill

Earlier this week Juan Zamora went to a local gas station to fill up his car for the usual $28.00. That fill up was about to cost him just a tad bit more than usual.
Juan Zamora drives once a week to a gas station to fuel up for his 700 mile weekly commute between Spokane to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, WA. His last trip to the station resulted in a bill for $81,400,836,908.

The insane amount was approved. Zamora got a message of that approval by voice mail from a PayPal alert when he returned home.

MSNBC reports:

“I didn’t believe the amount myself,” he said. “So I played it over and over again.”

After hours on the phone someone at the bank figured out a mistake had been made. It cost Zamora a few hours from work but at least he doesn’t have to approach congress for a bail out.

WWMT reports:

“I think I dropped the phone once or twice. I was about ready to look up the president’s phone number to see if I could get a bailout package,” said Juan Zamora.

Zamora was told the company used the merchant number and not the dollar figure from the pump.


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