Toilet Paper Is Worse On The Environment Than Gas Guzzling Cars

Are you using a product that causes more environmental problems than a gas guzzling car? Do you pride yourself on being green and yet purchase something every week that is helping to destroy virgin rain forests? Chances are you are.
North Americans have a love affair with soft, quilted toilet paper. The more layers the better to gently clean up with after a bathroom break. Those multi-ply sheets are generally from virgin forests in North America. Almost all toilet paper sold in Canada and the United States is damaging to the environment. In Europe 40 percent of toilet paper comes from recycled products compared to the 2 percent in North America. This week Greenpeace wants you to know that what you flush down the drain is harmful to the planet.

There’s a myth in North America that recycled toilet paper is like cardboard. It just isn’t so.

While it may be nice to wipe up with three ply sheets glistening with lotion to keep your bum nice and soft it is not needed to do the job.

Those selling these products have no issue using virgin lumber to pamper their customers bottoms.

The Guardian reports:

“For bath tissue Americans in particular like the softness and strength that virgin fibres provides,” Dave Dixon, a company spokesman for Kimberly-Clark said. “It’s the quality and softness the consumers in America have come to expect.”

Next time you sit down on the throne ponder your choice in toilet paper. Could you make a move that helps the environment or is it better to have a quilted sheet to clean your tush?


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