Young Azharuddin Ismail star of Slumdog Millionaire Is Ill

Young Azharuddin Ismail star of Slumdog Millionaire has become very ill. After returning to India the actor has developed a 103 degree temperature.
Azhar has been seen by local doctors who prescribed antibiotics saying that he is suffering from fever and exhaustion. His condition has started to worsen.

Neighbours have built the family a 8ft by 5ft metal structure to protect the child from the elements.

Both Azhar’s family and the family of Rubina Ali say their children are having a hard time readjusting to the poverty of the slums after going to California for a week to attend the Oscars.

The Telegraph reports:

Rubina’s father Rafiq Qureshi said. “Getting used to life back here in the slum again is proving tough for her and she has not wanted to see her friends since she got back. She just wants to spend all her time away from the slum now and I just hope we get the flat that has been promised to us.”

It’s not surprising that the children are missing the items that most in the West take for granted; soft beds, toilets and clean water. Social workers agree that returning the children to the slums is almost to cruel. They have asked for the two to be placed in care and given protection either by Danny Boyle and the film production company or by Indian authorities.

“I cannot believe these kids have just been left like this after being taken to Hollywood. It is bound to affect them psychologically,” said social worker Sanjay Bhatia, who works in the slum.

What also is driving this request for care is the beating young Azhar took at his father’s hands on Friday. The child was beaten for being too tired to speak to a journalist who was offering the young actor’s father money.


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