It’s bonus time for Google execs

Google’s top brass are a happy bunch right about now. The end-of-fiscal-year bonus checks were rather nice this year. The top men all got bonus checks that most of the country would love to see as their yearly income.
On Tuesday Google announced that performance related bonuses were given to the top executives by the board of directors in 2008.

Jonathon Rosenberg, senior vice-president, product management, was given the highest dollar amount for his work. His check for $1.64 million shows that Google is not having as many problems as other companies during the recession.

In second place on the bonus ladder were Robert Eustace, senior vice president, engineering and research, and Omid Kordestani, senior vice president, global sales and business development, who both took home an extra $1.38 million.

The outgoing CFO, George Reyes, was given $675,000 while his replacement Patrick Pichette pocketed $1.24 million.

Google founders Sergey Brin, Larry and chief executive Eric Schmidt do not receive bonuses. This is standard policy for the trio.

Google reported a net profit of $382 million (USD) during the last quarter of 2008 on revenue of $5.7 billion.


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