Li not criminally responsible in Greyhound beheading case

Queen’s Bench Justice John Scurfield ruled that Vincent Li is not criminally responsible for the murder of Timothy McLean. Li was on trial for second-degree murder in Calgary.
CBC quotes Judge Scurfield:

“These grotesque acts are appalling… but are suggestive of a mental disorder,” the judge said.

“He did not appreciate the act he committed was wrong.”

Li plead not guilty. He will not be sent to prison but will likely be sent to a mental health center. He will most likely be sent to a hospital in Selkirk, Man.

The Calgary Herald reports:

“He certainly didn’t know it was wrong. He was quite psychotic during that time period,” said Rootenberg. He said Li likely didn’t view McLean as a “human being” as he attacked him.

“He viewed the unfortunate victim as a demon. He believes it wasn’t his hands doing that, but it was God’s hands, through him.”

The evidence pointed to Vincent Li suffering from a psychotic episode during the Greyhound bus beheading of Timothy McLean. Experts have stated that Li is schizophrenic.

Dr. Stanley Yaren believes that Li could have a significant recovery in the next few years with under rigorous treatment and medication. His testimony was considered in today’s ruling.

“He is not 100 per cent out of his psychotic phase yet,” Yaren said. “But over time, as he recovers, he will have to come to terms with the awful things that have occurred.”

Li will be under review by the Manitoba’s provincial review board as to whether he poses a risk to the public.


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