Newsquest may ask employees to take a week off unpaid

The regional newspaper publisher Newsquest could be asking its staff to take an unpaid holiday in order to cut costs very soon.
Newsquest employs more than 6,000 people. They are the publishers of 17 daily newspapers and about 200 weekly papers across the United Kingdom.

The parent company Gannett, based in the United States, has already asked its staff to take a “furlough” last month. Those 31,000 employees are expected to have their unpaid week off by the end of March.

The unpaid week is a way the company hopes to avoid layoffs in the States.

Newsquest has yet to be confirmed. Chief executive, Paul Davidson, is not in the office until the end of the week. At that time it is expected that the staff will be formally informed of the plan.

In December the company imposed a pay freeze and is not increasing salaries until April this year. Staff can expect that the pay freeze will be extended until 2010. The Cheshire division of the company has already received a memo saying there will be no salary reviews this year.


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