Teen suing Facebook and former classmates over alleged bullying

An Oceanside, New York teen is suing four former classmates, their parents and Facebook for allegedly bullying her on the social network site. Denise Finkel is seeking $3 million for damages.
Newsday reports:

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said, “We see no merit to this suit and we will fight it vigorously.

Now a student at the University of Albany, Finkle filed the lawsuit in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. She is accusing her former classmates of creating a password-protected Facebook group for the sole purpose of “calculating to hold the plaintiff up to public hatred, ridicule and disgrace.”

The defendants, Michael Dauber, Jeffrey Schwartz, Leah Herz and Melinda Danowitz all graduated from Oceanside High School in 2008. According to Finkle the group made hateful claims including that she participated in bestiality and contracted AIDS.

Newsday reports:

Danowitz’s mother, Bari Lewis, called the lawsuit “completely frivolous.” She said her daughter, who attends the University of Delaware, “never wrote anything defamatory about anybody.”

While excerpts of the 2007 Facebook group did not name Finkle by name her lawyer, Mark Altschul of Manhattan, says that the statements referred to her.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

“She had a very difficult time in high school,” Altschul said. “They were making sure that she was an unwanted soul there.”


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