Suicide bomb attack at Iraq police academy, 28 dead

A suicide bomber killed 28 people on Sunday at the largest police academy in Baghdad. The first major attack in a month in Baghdad also wounded 57 people.
The attack at the police academy killed a large number of police and police recruits. A man wearing an explosive vest rode a motorbike packed with explosives to the back entrance of the academy. He then blew himself up.

The authorities are struggling to identity the victims. Police recruits have been a large target of these type of attacks in Iraq. The injured have been taken to Al-Kindi and Ibn al-Nafees hospitals. Emergency crews are at the scene treating other victims.

The bomber was able to get close enough to the academy because of a protest near the school. The bomber is said to have been at the protest.

Reuters reports:

“We know recruits are a favorite target for suicide bombers. We tell them to come in small groups instead of big groups, but they don’t pay attention,” an academy official said.

“This is the result — a suicide bomber managed to infiltrate and explode himself,” he said, requesting anonymity.

Violence in Iraq has started to decline but it is not a safe nation for civilians yet. In Baghdad there is violence in the streets almost every day.

In December another attack at the academy left 15 police and police recruits dead.

Even with security measures protecting the academy is difficult because of the incoming traffic of the recruits. The authorities have placed check points and concrete blocks up nearby the academy.

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