Al-Bashir threatens to expel more aid groups from Darfur

Sudan’s President al-Bashir has threatened the kick more aid groups from his country on Sunday. Al-Bashir has also said he will expel diplomats and peacekeepers during a trip to the Darfur region.
Last week the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant against al-Bashir for war crimes.

Following the announcement of the warrant 13 aid agencies were expelled in a defiant move by the president.

Speaking to a crowd in El Fasher, the North Darfur capital Al-Bashir told the crowd more will be expelled from the nation if they become involved in the ICC case against him. Waving a sword al-Bashir rallied the crowd insulting the ICC and making anti-Western statements about how the United States should also be charges with War Crimes.

Reuters reports:

“They killed millions of Indians … Why are they not on trial,” he said.

“The International Criminal Court and everyone who works for it are under my feet,” he added, a serious insult across the Arab world.

Al-Bashir made his defiant visit to Darfur as officials said the expulsion orders were “irreversible.”

News 24 reports:

“Those who respect themselves, we will respect them. Don’t interfere in something that doesn’t concern you,” al-Bashir said. “Don’t do anything that would harm the country’s security and stability.

“Whoever deviates, we will kick them out… Every person has limits,” he added.

Al-Bashir has rejected the charges against him. Hoping to defuse the situation in the war torn country Arab and African nations have asked that the UN Security Council defer any prosecution for at least a year.

The UN has released a statement saying that it is impossible to fill the gap that the organizations already expelled have left reports The Telegraph.

“While some 85 international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) operate in Darfur, without these organizations much of the aid operation literally comes to a halt,” the statement said.


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