Criminally insane inmate wants OHIP to pay for sex change

An inmate is demanding that Canada pays for a sex change. The criminally insane man is in the penal system for sexual assault.

This week an inmate, Shauna Taylor, appeared in court requesting that an orchidectomy to surgically remove the testes be conducted.

Formerly known as Vance Egglestone before a legal name-change started hormone therapy in 2000 to transition into a female. Taylor has already undergone hormone therapy, nose surgery and permanent hair removal.

During the court proceedings three guards from Oakridge division of the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre were on hand to guard Taylor.

As a man the inmate was found not guilty of rape by reason of a mental disorder. Taylor went to an institution for treatment.

In 1985 Taylor plead guilty for another sexual assault shortly after release from the mental hospital.

Taylor blames criminal behaviour of the past on gender identity disorder.

Given the dates that the hormone therapy started Taylor was in the prison system. It’s a given that OHIP has already been paying for those treatments. The next stage of treatment will cost $15,000. There is debate in the court about who should pay for an assessment to see if Taylor even would qualify for the operation being as she is considered criminally insane.

An assessment is required for surgical removal of sex organs under OHIP. That assessment is a rigorous testing to determine whether or not surgical intervention is necessary for Taylor’s health and welfare.

Taylor believes that the surgery would further her treatment.

The Toronto Sun reports:

“I was a female trapped inside a male’s body,” she said. “I started acting out in ways that I thought a male was supposed to act … my head was in a spin back then.”

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