Is the Cervarix vaccine safe? Some in the UK say no

There is concern in the United Kingdom about the cervical cancer vaccine after more than 1,300 schoolgirls have had adverse reactions to the shot.
Doctors are reporting that some young girls as young as 12 have suffered paralysis, suffered convulsions and sight problems after receiving the vaccine. Other girls have had less serious reactions of pain ‘in extremity’ while others suffered from nausea, muscle weakness, fever, dizziness and numbness.

The government has a program that gives the vaccine to girls in order to prevent cervical cancer in the future. It is hoped that in time the vaccine will save 700 lives a year.

On Saturday campaigners called for the suspension of the vaccine in light of the side-effects.

The Daily Mail

Last night Jackie Fletcher of the vaccine support group Jabs said: ‘When they introduced this new vaccine, we had major concerns about its safety. The current statistics detailing adverse reactions – including cases of epilepsy and convulsions – bears out that we were right to be concerned.

‘The Government needs to look at the future of this programme given the number of side-effects coming through.’

Health experts in the government are debating that 700,000 girls were given the vaccine and there were just 1,340 reports of any reaction to it. They also said that the act of the injection rather than the vaccine itself could be to blame for some of those more serious reactions.

Robert Music, director of cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust, said: ‘I urge every mother to ensure their girls have the vaccine, because we believe the obvious benefits outweigh the risks. Quite simply, the jab could save their daughters’ lives.’


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