Dozens Dead In Baghdad Attack Of Tribal Leaders

A suicide bomber has killed at least 33 people in Baghdad Tuesday targeting Sunni and Shiite tribal leaders. The leaders were touring a market after a reconciliation meeting earlier in the day.
The tribal leaders were touring a market in Abu Ghraib along with security officials and journalists. The market had been considered a safe venue.

A lone bomber detonated as the leaders passed him in the market which is in a Sunni suburb. Abu Ghraib was once the hub of the Sunni insurgency and the site of the infamous prison where US troops abused Iraqi detainees shortly after the 2003 invasion. In the past year violence had gone down in the area.

The New York Times reports:

”This terrorist attack was aimed at stopping reconciliation and the improvement in the security situation,” Shakir Fizaa, the mayor of Abu Ghraib told The Associated Press. ”The criminal attack bears the fingerprints of al-Qaida, but we will not be deterred by the acts of the vicious group against innocent civilians.”

Two journalists from private TV station al-Baghdadiya were among the dead. Another journalist from the Iraqi government station was wounded.

There are reports that 46 people were also wounded in the attack.

No one has yet to claim responsibility for the attack. Shakir Fizaa is blaming al-Qaida.

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