Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says youngest on NDNAD under 1

DNA stored in the UK national database includes that of an infant under the age of one. The oldest person with a profile is over the age of 90.
After the announcement was made Monday night by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith she stated that the Government would be taking ‘immediate steps’ to remove all profiles of children under the age of 10 from the database.

The Daily Mail reports:

She told Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne: ‘As at November 26 2008, the youngest person with a profile on the NDNAD was aged under one year and the oldest was over 90 years old.’

In December last year Ms. Smith had said that there would be changes to the way the database operates.

The national DNA database was set up to aid the police by quickly identifying offenders, make earlier arrests, securing more convictions and providing critical investigative leads for police investigations.

The database is the largest of any country. By 2005 over 3.4 million DNA profiles had been stored but at times those profiles have been controversial.

There are those that say that the database is turning the UK into a police state and that Big Brother is looking over the land.

There have been reports that the NDNAD potentially infringes civil liberties and could in the future be used for malign purposes.

David Mery of The Register has been one who has written against the database’s retention of DNA of innocent people.

“If you are among the estimated 573,639 to 857,366 innocents whose DNA profile is on the National DNA Database (NDNAD), you should act now. Don’t wait until the time the police will have to weed out these records and samples.”


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