Journalist Saberi seen by lawyer on Sunday, said to be depressed

American journalist Roxana Saberi detained in Iran at Evin prison has been seen been an attorney for the first time on Sunday. The lawyer had been turned away Saturday for not having the right paperwork. Her family is happy to know she is alive.
Saberi’s father said that the lawyer saw no signs of abuse but the journalist is “very depressed.”

AFP reports:

“I met Ms Saberi yesterday (Sunday) at a revolutionary court. She appeared fine,” lawyer Abdolsamad Khoramshahi told AFP.

“I have not read the file yet and can’t comment on the nature of the accusation against her,” he said, adding that he would “see her again in prison in one or two days.”

Saberi is a freelance journalist whose credentials had been revoked in Iran two years ago. Last month the authorities in Iran arrested her after she purchased some wine. Wine is illegal in the Muslim country. Her arrest came at a time though that the Iranian regime has begun to crack down on dissidents in advance of national elections to be held in June. reports:

“It seems like she was completely isolated from the rest of the world,” Reza Saberi said Sunday, adding that his daughter requested the lawyer bring back a few books from her apartment to read while being detained in a prison north of the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The lawyer also said that Roxana wanted her family to know that she loves them very much.

It has been a week since the plight of the journalist started hitting the media. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for the journalist to be released. Last week Iran said that the American should be released “very soon” but did not give a time table for that release.

While Roxana is an American citizen she also holds dual citizenship in Iran. She has resided in Iran for the past six years. Before her press card was revoked two years ago she had reported for the BBC, NPR, and Fox News.

Star Tribune reports:

Her father this week told the Associated Press that he appreciated the efforts of everyone who pressed for her release . Said Reza Saberi: “All over the world, people have objected to this kind of suppression of freedom. They are voicing their outrage.”

There are two Facebook groups offering support for Saberi; Free Roxanz Saberi with 513 members and Release and return journalist Roxana Saberi from IR custody with 2,676 members.


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