Principle jams students cell phones during classes

Students at the Mead School District’s Mt. Spokane High School weren’t using their cell phones during class for three days. They couldn’t.
The school had invested in a blocking device so that kids can’t zone out with their cell phones during school hours for a three day trial.

For a little less than $100 Principle John Hook’s school may soon become a cell free zone. The principle got the cell phone jammer off of the Internet.

After dealing with students who would rather text with their friends than listen to their teachers Hook wanted to find a way to put the ball back in his court.

KHQ reports:

“We believe that there are times during the school day that parents need to have access to students and students need to have access to family members, and doctors and things like that,” said Hook.

The Mead School District is working with the FCC to make sure the device is legal. If it is then the device will be back on during class time and turned off during passing periods and lunch hour. That will make it easy for the kids to follow the rules. The school allows students to carry around a cell phone but they must be turned off and stored out of sight in class. Not every one of the students played by the rules.

Cell phone jammers are illegal in most countries; except to military, law enforcement and certain governmental agencies. That doesn’t stop them from being widely available online. What is legal though is using expensive metal shielding in the construction of the buildings to block cell phone signals, but the school has be allow the use of cell phones in certain cases. That and the sheer cost takes the option off of the table.

If the device proves to be illegal they plan to return it and request a refund.


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