Taliban kills 3 for being spies in Pakistan

Three men have been killed by pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan after being accused of spying for the CIA. The bodies had video tapes with them, a first for the Taliban in the region.
The bodies of the three men were found in different spots near the main road linking Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan, and Bannu. Notes and videos were placed near the bullet filled bodies saying that the men were spying on the local Taliban for the US.

The notes warned that anyone that was found spying for the US, the Pakistan Army and Afghanistan would also be killed. According to the notes the men had ‘confessed’ to spying on the Taliban.

Times of India reports:

“This is the first time in South Waziristan that militants have made confession videos. Before they just used to put notes on the bodies of alleged spies,” Allahbagh Khan, a local administration official, said.

Afghan refugee Sher Khan and Pakistani tribal elder Nazar Jan were found in different locations an hour after the body of local tribesman Tahir Khan had been dumped in a bazaar in Wana.

It is common for Islamist militants to kidnap and kill local tribesmen or Afghan refugees as spies.


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