When kangaroos attack it can be painful

They may look cute and cuddly but don’t overlook the danger that comes in the form of a kangaroo. Two recent attacks show the power these cute animals have in their limbs.
Steven Shorten, 13, knows that the bouncing animals can be dangerous. He was having fun at the Grafton District Golf Club when he was attacked by a 1.5 metre high kangaroo. The animal grabbed him and then used him as a trampoline jumping up and down on the youth. Steven suffered massive facial wounds and cuts to his abdomen, back and legs.

When a a 6ft, 90lbs kangaroo broke through Beat Ettlin’s bedroom window he had to act fast. The 42-year-old father knew that his two young children could be in danger from the marsupial lunatic ninja. The red kangaroo started to bounce on the bed that Ettlin, his wife and 9-year-old daughter Beatrix was in. After yelling at the beast and pulling the covers the roo bounced on to his arm and then moved to the bedside table according to Ettlin. Then the animal bounced into the bedroom of Leighton, 10. Swiss born Ettlin had had enough. There was no way that the break-in kangaroo was going to hurt his son.

Sky News reports:

When I got in there, it was against the wall by the window, trying to get out I think, so I just jumped on top of it. I got him in a headlock and pressed him to the ground.

“I had to push with my full body weight and I got him as low as I could. It was quite aggressive and tried to escape of course. I could feel how powerful it was.

“I had to open the door with one hand, pressing the kangaroo to the wall with the other hand. Finally, the door opened and I could actually release it.

“The whole thing only took about two and a half minutes, it was really quick. I could hear it breathing really heavily but otherwise there was just silence. It was a freaky moment.”

The kangaroo had been wounded at some point, a trail of blood was throughout the home. Ettlin believes that it was cut when the kangaroo broke through the window glass.


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