Spears’ wardrobe malfunction exposes vagina to concert goers

Britney Spears had a wardrobe goof at her show in Tampa, and her words say it all. The star was performing ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ when the ‘reveal’ happened. Without knowing her mic was on, Spears said “My p*ssy is hanging out.”
It’s not clear if Britney knew her mic was on when she made the comment. MTV reports Spears mimed the whole show except for one song so she assumed her microphone was off.

She knew fairly quickly that the crowd was aware as they started laughing at her announcement.

The star was offstage when the comment was said, rushing to fix the problem.

Of course it’s not the first time that fans have had the chance to get a close up of Miss Britney’s privates. She was photographed a few times just letting it all hang out while exiting various cars at night clubs before she was in hospital.

The tour will be more closely watched by people hoping to catch the young singer mess up after her stints as an in-patient for mental health issues.


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