Suspect kills 10 in Alabama including mother

At least ten people are dead after a gunman went on a two town shooting spree in southern Alabama. The suspect ended the carnage by killing himself at a warehouse after a police chase.
There are four separate locations police are investigating after a single gunman went on a murderous spree. In the end the shooter turned the gun on himself.

The New York Times reports:

“It is truly one of the most horrific things that anyone in law enforcement can remember in Alabama,” said Col. J. Christopher Murphy, the director of the state’s Department of Public Safety. “We’re still getting victims coming in.”

The first location was the suspect’s mother’s home where he burnt her house. Police have found her remains. It has yet to be said if the woman was shot.

The New York Times reports:

“A gunman went on a shooting spree and he killed his mother, so I’m told, and then stopped in Samson, Ala., where he killed eight people, some on the porch, some at a convenience store, some on the street,” said Mayor Wynnton Melton, of Geneva, Ala., whose police officers were involved in the chase.

Five people were killed in one home in Samson, Alabama. The gunman went to two more homes killing a person at each location. Coffee County Coroner Robert Preachers said that the victims at the home were the suspects grandparents, aunt, an uncle and a child. The suspect had been raised by his grandfather, Alfred White.

The gunman fired at a state trooper’s car seven times. The trooper was injured from broken glass from the windshield.

He was then chased by the police to Reliable Metal Products just north of Geneva. A statement by the police said he fired an estimated 30 rounds inside the location.

Another body has been found at the Big Little Store in Samson. A woman was found begin the gas pumps and the front door.

In the end nine were dead. The suspect then killed himself.

Sky News reports:

“There were nine dead,” said Angela Tobon, spokeswoman for the FBI in Mobile, Alabama, the nearest large city. “He (the shooter) encountered law enforcement … and he exchanged shots as he was shooting the entire way.”

The death toll has risen to ten since that statement was released.

Two of those listed as dead were the wife and child of a deputy sheriff from Geneva, Alabama.

Several others have been listed as wounded.

There is not motive known at this time for the shooting. The suspect has not been named by police.


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