Five Doctors Without Borders Workers Kidnapped In Darfur

Five people from Doctor’s Without Borders were kidnapped from the Darfur region of Sudan on Wednesday. The kidnapping comes a week after President al-Bashir expelled aid groups in response to the ICC’s issuing of an arrest warrant.
A spokesperson for U.N. peacekeepers said that the kidnapping took place in north Darfur, about 125 miles west of al-Fasher. They and one Sudanese worker were taken from their office on Wednesday. The Sudanese worker was later released.

The Italian branch of Doctors Without Borders said that one Italian national, one French national and one Canadian national were among those taken. It is said that two Sudanese national were immediately released. The discrepancy in the numbers has not been explained.

The 13 aid groups that were expelled were told to leave Darfur by March 5. Doctors Without Borders had already pulled out its Dutch and French operations in Darfur but the Swiss and Spanish branches of the aid group are still offering care in the region.


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