Grab A Camera, There’s Money In The Web

More and more people are selling their snapshots online. When a picture can bring in hundreds of dollars in a time of economical crisis this is a bit of good news for shutterbugs who sell their pictures as stock photography.
Popular Flickr has an alliance with Getty. Getty owns Selling a photo to the stock site can bring in the big bucks.

When the alliance with Getty happened in July some 10,000 Flickr photos were selected for Getty. Getty goes for the professional photos but is geared for non-pros are the smaller company that needs a stock photo.

Right now don’t expect to just sign up and make the big bucks from your FlickR collections. This is an invitation-only process.

If you think your photos have the muster be sure to get model releases from those you take a snap of. Your eye needs to be geared to commercial ideals. It’s more consumer science that art at times.

USA Today reports:

“There’s a huge difference between Venice, Italy, and Venice, Calif.,” he says. “We want to see real people in real situations. One of the criticisms of stock photography is that it’s too ‘set up.’ “

Getty was wise getting with FlickR. With the millions of images readily available they have a huge amount of quantity to choose from.

“Flickr was a major threat, because it has so many photos — more than all the agencies put together,” Lee Torrens, a blogger who runs the Microstock Diaries blog, says. “By joining with Flickr, Getty heads off any competitors getting a deal.”

At a photographer can make between 20% and 40% on royalties. The upper tier is for exclusivity.

To have your photos on the site you have to apply at

Anyone can apply to become a photographer on iStockphoto. Contributors will be asked to read through our online training manual which is found by clicking the “Upload” link. Once that’s complete, you will need to answer a few questions and then upload a piece of government issued identification in the form of a JPEG. We require this to confirm who you are and that you’re of legal age. Finally, you will be asked to submit 3 sample images which will be reviewed by our inspection team. We will notify you of our decision via email or you may review the status of your application by clicking the “Upload” link again.


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