US Embargo Against Cuba Will Be Partially Lifted

The US Congress has voted to partially ease restrictions on Cuba. The bill will allow those with relatives in Cuba to visit once a year and send more money to their relatives. The new bill was supported by two Cuban-American senators.
The law could be signed as early as today by Obama.

Other measures included will lift the embargo on foods and medicines. However, the embargo on other exports to Cuba will remain in place under the writing of this bill. During the bush Administration the 47-year trade embargo had been further tightened.

Sky News reports:

In Havana, teacher Hugo Alfonso said: “I’m happy they are easing the rules so the Cubans can come.

“Families should not have to suffer because of political disputes between governments.

“Cubans have suffered the embargo for many years and (President George W.) Bush tightened the rope.

“Now is the time to improve relations between the two countries,” he said.

The definition of ‘close relative’ will be redefined allowing Cuban-Americans to visit cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles, in addition to parents, grandparents, children and siblings. While in Cuba they will also be allowed to spend up to $179 a day. In addition they will be allowed to visit for longer than the current two week allowance.


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