Baby With Two Penises Survives Surgery

A Russian baby boy had surgery to correct massive birth defects. The child identified only as Artyom G. was born with two penises, no bladder, and no abdominal wall.
The operation took place at St Vladimir’s Children’s Clinical Hospital.

Doctors combined the two penises into a single organ. It is believed that the little boy will have a normal sex life when he’s older and will be able to father children.

Called fetus in fetu (FIF), the condition is very rare. It is caused by an unusual cause of retroperitoneal abdominal mass in infants. It is more common with girls.

The Telegraph reports:

“The surgery was complicated. We had to form one penis out of two, make the abdominal wall and create a bladder,” said a doctor involved in the five hour operation.

“When our colleagues asked for help we said yes immediately but we couldn’t imagine the case would be so complicated.”

Last June a baby in China was born with two penises. The second sex organ was on his back. The infant lives in Hejian city in central China’s Henan province.


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